Q: Does Fountain Rez accept NSFAS students?

A: Yes, please call 064 052 0901 for more information on the application process.


Q: Does Fountain Rez only accept students or will they also accept young working professionals?

A: We may accept young graduates who are working while furthering their studies provided we feel you would be a good fit. We are primarily a student accommodation.


Q: How close is Fountain Rez to UCT and Varsity college?

A: Fountain Rez is just 1km from UCT Upper Campus, 600m from the main Jammie stop and only 230 meters from Varsity College.


Q: Does Fountain Rez have a laundry facility?

A: We do not have a laundry in our building, however Fountain Rez is located 10 meters away from a 24-hour laundry facility where FR students get a 25% discount on the drop off facility.  So your items will be washed, dried and folded for you.  All you need to do is pick it up on your way back to Rez.


Q: Are there any hidden costs associated with Fountain Rez that I need to know about?

A: The only additional costs that a student would need to consider are the laundry, parking and gym. Everything else is included in the price you pay. (FUP’s apply).


Q: Will the included 10Mbps WI-FI be good enough?

A: Yes, you have a router in your bedroom so the speed is not affected by others streaming. The WIFI has a 100 gig monthly soft cap so running out will be difficult for the average person and the speed is fast enough to watch YouTube or stream at 1080p (full HD) with no buffering. If this isn’t enough for our avid WI-FI users then you can always upgrade to a better package, directly with the service provider FTTA.


Q: What do I need to bring with me when I move into Fountain Rez?

A: All the furniture is provided so you just need to bring your bedding, stationary, kitchen cookware and utensils.  Note we have induction hobs so your cookware needs to be compatible.


Q: What additional documents do I need to apply to Fountain Rez if I am from SA or an International destination?

A: Requirements are for the person paying: ID, 3 months bank statements, proof or residence, proof of income (payslip).  For the student, we need your ID and proof of registration from the institution you are studying at.


Q: If I’m sharing a unit will I be paired with someone with similar interests or studying the same degree as I am?  

A: We endeavour to match you up with someone who is of similar age to you and also studying the same or similar degree and with likeminded interests. You can also request to share an apartment with someone who has also applied to Fountain Rez.


Q: What is the policy on overnight guests?

A: We have an overnight policy to ensure proper management of this process, the number of stays per month will be limited as well as the total number of visitors at any given time, but we have made provision for these eventualities provided due notice and process is followed.


Q: Would it be possible to stay later than the 15th of December move out date?

A: Yes, if your school year ends after closing of rez. This needs to be arranged with the Residence Manager.


Q: How far is Fountain Rez from essential shops?

A: FR has a secured direct access link into the Rondebosch on Main shopping centre which has a Pick n Pay, Zone fitness gym, chemist as well as various banks, restaurants and takeaways.  So everything you need is right at your doorstep.


Q: How safe is Fountain Rez? Will my child be safe?  

A: While we endeavour to make Fountain Rez as safe as possible your safety is your responsibility. What we offer is an onsite 24 hour security team, camera surveillance on every level, biometric access control at every entrance and exit as well as individual biometric access locks for each apartment.  We also have a strict visitor sign in policy to ensure your child’s safety.


Have a different question? Email us: fountainrez@fpggroup.co.za